Jan 17, 2013

noises in the concrete jungle

Those were the days when people had to wait for a representative courageous enough to speak their minds and to challenge authority. Then, they were called heroes.

Slowly as time passed, you would find those so-called underground writers who published anti-government materials. They were considered the voice of the people.

Nowadays, everyone has an opinion about everything. Everyone is talking at the same time and no one is listening. They are just noise.

The difference between then and now is that people used to think hard before they speak. Because then, it was a privilege-- to be able to voice out. Today, all you need is internet access and in seconds, you could be starting a political, religious, racial or cultural conflict. 

We talk about rights and democracy, but do we really understand it?

It seems to me that we are heading the opposite way of what our ancestors fought hard to get us—peace. 


uglybeautyme said...

mine is when being alone at your desk with only air-conditioner the only sounds for you~

happy fasting girl.

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